Books that Inspire – A smile in the mind

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    Do you have a book that inspires you in your work? Of course you do and this is your chance to share it with the world. Well, with the Iconophile and our readers at least.

    Reference books are a vital part of the designer’s arsenal. They inspire you to greater things, to push your work to be the best and also, to trigger ideas. You might see a technique in one book, an illustrative style in another and a font used particularly effectively in another and together they form and inspire a fresh idea. Just as with every new song, every new work of fiction, so every new design is an amalgam of all the designs that have gone before it.

    I intend to introduce a few of my favourite books over the coming months and to start with, I want to introduce to you, ‘A Smile In The Mind’ by Beryl McAlhone and David Stuart. published by Phaidon and available from Amazon.

    I found this book whilst perusing my local Waterstones back in 1998. Filled with the desire for inspiration I left with a stack of reference material amongst which was this witty tome. The other books have largely become irrelevant as trends have changed and my tastes have matured but this particular book has never left my side.

    Why? Because it reminds me to smile, to enjoy my work and to ensure that this enjoyment is reflected in the designs I produce.

    So go on then, let’s be having your inspirational tomes.

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