The Introverted Eye

  • What does the word – Serenity – evoke in your mind’s eye?



    Jennifer says:

    The first thing which the word – Serenity – evokes in me is the memory of a sketch from the TV series Seinfeld, where Kramer is shouting – Serenity Now!

    I’ve tried that method of inducing serenity now, with mixed results. Which reminds me of a woman in a shop who was disturbing the peace of other shoppers by screaming into her phone – Stop screaming at me!

    If you’re an Introvert, like I am (although I prefer the term Natural Hermit, rather than Introvert), then serenity may be associated with solitude in one form or another. Of being far from the madding and maddening crowd.

    I enjoy spending time in my own company, it is, mostly, a serene experience.

    I am not always certain that others enjoy my company, even if they say they do. I do enjoy the company of others, but it often brings with it a certain pressure which is not always serene. Yet it can be serene when you are with those who accept you as you are, particularly when they are comfortable with your quirks. I have a lot of those. I am at peace with them when I am by myself, but when others are around the very same things with which I am at peace when alone, suddenly become unsettling when in the company of others.

    However, there are others who can make you feel the same way you do when you’re alone. At peace with yourself, serene.

    The photo I’ve chosen to represent – Serenity – is one which captures those in whose company I feel serene. This is my happy place.



    “I love cats because I enjoy my home; and little by little, they become its visible soul.” ― Jean Cocteau



    Stephen says:

    “Dear Buddha, please bring me a pony and a plastic rocket.” –  Captain Malcolm ‘Mal’ Reynolds from the film, ‘Serenity’

    Serenity is a place I find within myself. That is not to say I am always serene in my own company. Far from it. I am my own worst enemy and my harshest critic. My mind is a traitorous swine that twists and turns my emotions for fun, toying with my sanity for kicks. But on those occasions when my mind allows it, I can find the most glorious oasis of serenity and contemplation. I can find this place in a crowd, in a small gathering of friends or staring out of the window alone with my placated mind.


    That is what serenity is to me. A moment of calm in the storm when everything else ceases to exist and my mind is focused on a single thought, a single idea, a wonder.

    My best work comes from this place of serenity. My best ideas, my most inspired writing, the photographs that resonate, all come from this place of serenity. Serenity will quieten the crowd outside and dull the voices within.

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