Silk – Interactive Generative Art online

  • When I was a child I used to love playing with Spirograph. Usually I made a mess, mostly because I didn’t know when to stop. I think it was supposed to be an educational toy, and I think I did learn from it, it helped me to become aware of my tendency not to know when to stop, when something was finished.

    While exploring the internet, searching for online interactive art, I found the beautiful and fascinating – Silk.

    silk - 3

    And decided to try it out…

    Several relaxing and very enjoyable minutes (hours) later, I emerged feeling refreshed and inspired. Partly perhaps because I was a child again (not sure if I ever stopped being one), allowing myself to be creative naturally and not really worried if I knew when to stop or not.

    Here’s one of my ‘creations’…

    silkweave- 2

    And here is another, including the tools available which are very flexible and easy to use…



    It’s a wonderfully simple genius of an idea. Using it is like meditation, only better (at least according to me). It is a calming way to spend a Sunday afternoon, before the bustle of the week ahead begins anew.


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