Out, Damned Spot!

  • Removing a speck of dirt from a camera’s delicate sensor can make Lady Macbeth’s dilemma seem like a mere triviality.

    “The purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls.” – Pablo Picasso

    The problem with interchangeable lens cameras is that the simple task of changing a lens allows dust to get at your precious sensor. It gets worse once you start using a push/pull zoom lens like the wonderful Canon 100-400mm as the action of changing focal length can suck dust straight in to the camera.

    I struggled for years with this problem until I discovered the Arctic Butterfly® 724 (Super Bright) from Canadian company Visible Dust, which is now very much the tool of choice at SDDP when it comes to keeping all our cameras clean and dust free.


    The Arctic Butterfly has a motor built in to the handle that spins the brush head and this serves two purposes. Firstly it shakes off any dust from the head of the brush and secondly, and most cleverly, it charges it with static electricity which, when gently brushed over the sensor, attracts the dust lifting it away with no fuss.

    To ensure you can see what you’re doing and don’t miss any tiny spots the Arctic Butterfly has two in-built LED lights in the handle that illuminate the sensor.

    And that really is all there is to it. One dust free camera.

    It isn’t cheap at around £100 but it is worth it to keep your valuable camera dust free and ensure perfect pictures every time. The sensor is the most valuable part of the camera and I wouldn’t trust any old product to come in to contact with it. I would trust and recommend this though.

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