That 70’s Style

  • “Dreams come true. Without that possibility, nature would not incite us to have them. ” ― John Updike


    I’m a child of the 70’s, so it shouldn’t be any surprise that I was out of it for most of that decade, but not because I was on a psychedelic trip. Although being a child may be experienced a bit like that anyway. There’s all this stimulus around you and your brain is a giant sponge absorbing everything in your environment, distractions, colourful things, symbols, designs, images, ideas all clamouring for your attention, glowing with a surreal halo.


    sesame streetSesame Street

    Hang on a minute…

    Sounds familiar, not unlike what happens to all of us, adult or child, every moment of our waking lives these days. There must be an app for that!

    Lately I’ve been seeing more news articles advocating the importance of sleep, but how can we sleep when there is so much demanding that we stay awake and pay attention. The less sleep we have, the more life gets a bit surreal. Or at least it does with me, less sleep equals more misperceptions, optical illusions and bizarre misunderstandings of the eyes, ears and mind. Studies have shown that people who don’t get enough sleep may experience hallucinations during their waking life.

    I experience hallucinations every time I see an advertisement. Cars which can fly, drive underwater, and transform into robots. If I buy that car, will it really do that? Otherwise it’s just a car. I don’t drive so please excuse my lack of appreciation for the finer details of such an invention.

    Speaking of inventions, hallucinations and appreciation. I had a dream last night where I was back in the 70’s and appreciating being there rather than scoffing at it for being backwards compared to the 2010’s. The aspect of that hallucination which I enjoyed the most was how relaxing it was, it just seemed less uptight, less driven by appearance and keeping up appearances for the sake of those watching and more focused on the here and now of being. It was a dream, so it wasn’t real, and the 70’s had it’s issues as much as the 2010’s do.

    However fantasy is an important element whatever the decade, it is often what inspires the things which become emblems, symbols and focal points of that time.


    farah-fawcett -bruce-mcbroomFarrah Fawcett by Bruce McBroom

    Not so long ago there was a revival of all things 70’s, particularly in fashion and design. The patterns of that time reared up again and made their mark on the now. Only they were fantasised visions of what they had once been. In other words, they were new and improved as most things are when we re-invent them to suit our evolution.

    Inspired by the dream, I did a quick search for images relating to the 70’s and took an unexpected trip down memory lane of design, fashion, fads, role models, and all sorts.

    Happening upon The Game of Perfection (seen below) which I hated and have no idea why I kept playing it as it always made me dissolve into a soup of panic. However it was quite a good lesson (had I realised it then) for what life sometimes is like, especially in the 2010’s. Quick, hurry, put everything in its perfect place before the timer runs out and the board throws all the pieces all over the place… and then you have to start all over again.


    perfection gameThe Game of Perfection by Milton Bradley

    Some of the results for my search of the 70’s, especially in the interior design and fashion sections, were not of the 70’s at all but of a modern day take of the 70’s, and I have to admit that many of them fooled me as I couldn’t tell the difference between what was then and what is now.


    70's style-2

    70's styleBoth 70’s interiors via Buzzfeed

    Nostalgia, like fantasy, is a powerful point of reference in our choice of what we buy into, what attracts and appeals to our mind, eyes, and sensory nature.

    When nostalgia mixes with fantasy it can invent something new out of something old and inspire a fad, fashion, design which may become an emblem of our present time. Something we may look back on when we’re in the future and wonder what we were on at the time, or that may inspire a new and improved fad, design, and emblem of the future. The inspiration keeps flowing and going as the human race does.

    What a fascinating world we live in, and what an adventure of an experience it is.


    “Every person, all the events of your life are there because you have drawn them there. What you choose to do with them is up to you.” ― Richard Bach

  • 2 thoughts on “That 70’s Style

    1. Enjoyed your post. Funny–my husband and I were just talking about which decade we loved the most, and we both said the 70’s. We’re older than you, but we loved it because we got married during that decade and all three of our children were born then. We loved being a young family. And, yes, looking back it seems even better because we didn’t have all the crazy technology that keeps you so busy all day long. No cell phones and the only computer in the house was the TRS80. Ha!


      • Thank you for sharing.

        It’s strange, isn’t it, to think that not that long ago what seems so very much an essential part of our lives now just wasn’t there. It’s wonderful to have the technology, but it is also rather nice to switch it off (gasp!).

        The 70’s was (and still is) a rather magical decade.

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