The Beauty in the Flaw

 “There is a crack in everything. That’s how the light gets in.” ― Leonard Cohen

Have you ever dreamed of owning something which in some way represented an ideal to you. Dreamed about it day and night, and worked towards one day making the dream real. Then that day comes and the dream becomes a reality, the thing which has been out of your reach is now in your hands. Your spirits soar. It’s yours, it’s perfect, but then you notice a flaw. Your spirits plummet. The reality is not as you had imagined it would be when you dreamed about it.

wheres-the-remote-Sit IllustratedSit Illustrated: The Meditation Cartoon Book

People can be very hard on themselves, especially when they are attempting to achieve a goal and have an ideal in their mind of how it should be done and what it should be when it is done.

We may cut others slack, although not always as being hard on ourselves makes us demanding of others too. If we buy a product from a company which makes promises of fulfilling our dreams, then we expect that product to be everything we are told that it is and to do that which we are led to believe it can do. We expect unbreakable glasses to be unbreakable. We want the ideal to be real.

We can be stern taskmasters when chasing and seeking to capture perfection.

If we become aware of our perfectionism, then we may become hard on ourselves for being hard on ourselves, as perfectionism is in some ways considered to be a flaw.

wabi sabi

So it’s an inspiring change of pace to come across a philosophy which sees perfection in flaws, and which can turn a broken vase into a work of art that not only has a visible beauty to it but also an invisible one.


Recently while searching for a possible gift idea, I came across a variation on the wabi-sabi theme which creatively focuses on the beauty within flaws. The Oroko ring by Noam Bar Yochai.


Oroko ring by Noam Bar YochaiOroko ring by Noam Bar Yochai



A flaw can be a threshold into something else. A new idea, invention, creation. The rebel who challenges perfection and inspires us to take a road less traveled, to see where it leads.