How Deep Is Your Love?

  • “Love is that condition in which the happiness of another person is essential to your own.” – Robert A. Heinlein


    Why do you do the job that you do?

    To put a roof over your head, then pay the mortgage. To put food on the table, then in your belly. To look after your loved ones, then look after yourself. Perhaps it’s more than that, it is more than that, isn’t it? Just possibly, because no matter how hard the work is, how grueling the hours are, whatever the other reasons, the practical purposes why you do it, you love what you do.

    It’s not so much a job as a passion.

    Love and passion should ideally go together. Without one, the other needs questioning… perhaps.

    Do you ever wonder about why others do the job that they do?


    Behind the Scenes of the CarnivalPhoto taken by Jennifer (with the panoramic setting of the iPhone camera)


    We work where we live, or live where we work, for the most part, and so when we were checking this place (our current home/work space) out we asked the soon-to-be-former tenant about the neighbours, because your neighbours affect your home, and when you work from home they affect your work too.

    It’s one of those delicate questions, in as much as it may or may not be answered honestly due to someone wanting you to live where they no longer want to live. They want you to want what they no longer want so they can get something else, somewhere else, which they want – but why don’t they want it and why should you want it? They are being careful, just as you are, wondering what the right answer is, just as you are. The former dweller of this dwelling informed us that the neighbours were fine, the only concern we may have was that our closest ones happened to be what is known sometimes as ‘Carnies’ – a family who runs a funfair/carnival business.

    Carnies sometimes get a bad rap.

    We all get a bit of that every now and then, and we all give a bit of that to others every now and then. It happens, but what happens doesn’t have to be what actually is, and often isn’t what actually is.

    Our ‘Carnie’ neighbours… are better than we are as far as neighbours go. When a stranger crashed their car into our garden, they were on the scene before we were, had already called the emergency services and were already dealing with what needed to be dealt with before we kicked ourselves into life-saving gear. They were well-practiced at helping others, stopping traffic, and organising complicated scenarios, because that is what they do every day as part of their job.


    Leisure Pleasurephoto taken by Jennifer (still using the iPhone)


    We hear, and sometimes watch, them go out in the morning, a cavalcade of trucks piled high with bright colourful rides and amusements, then return one or two days later often in the dark of night. Orchestrating manoeuvres in the dark of dawn and dusk. Then they do it all again and again. Many tons of equipment and rides to be loaded, driven to the location of the carnival, unloaded, set up,  assembled, manned, then disassembled, reloaded and driven back to their home base.

    Is this love?

    Is it passion?

    What drives their dedication?

    We’ve never asked them. Why? Perhaps because there are some things which you can’t ask, you have to see the answer for yourself.

    We visited their fair this year and photographed it before the crowds arrived. It was connected to a local village celebration, one which had been put on hold for several years, had died away and then had been revived because of the passion and love of those who live here.

    We didn’t take as many photographs with our cameras as we did with our eyes and senses. We watched how they ran the show, how they entertained, how they amused the kids and adults alike, always with smiles on their faces, like it was the first time they had done the thing they had done a thousand times.

    That is love with passion working.

    Love can encompass many things, as can passion, it is not all roses and romance. But… ultimately you get back up and do it again and again.

    You might question why, others may wonder why too, if they stop and think of you, but you don’t stop, you can’t stop. You are deep in love.


     photo taken by Stephen



    *post created for and inspired by The Daily Post’s photo challenge: Depth.

    Written by Stephen and then messed with (and slightly re-written) by Jennifer – Stephen loves Jennifer with a passion (and vice versa) and that’s why he smiles when she messes with (and slightly re-writes) his words.

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