Grand is the word!

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  • “You need to let the little things that would ordinarily bore you suddenly thrill you.” – Andy Warhol

    I watch a lot of movies. I always have. Good ones, bad ones, I will try anything within reason. And now that I have Netflix, Amazon Prime and Now TV my access to films is almost unlimited. Enter ennui. It feels like I have seen every plot, heard every joke, witnessed everything that film has to offer and it is rare for a movie to surprise or excite. This is perhaps hyperbole, there are still films out there that have the ability to enchant. Slice-of-life indie gems, intelligently scripted comedies and even the occasional blockbuster action movie, but these are rare.


    Image taken from IMDB

    One such ‘rarity’ is The Grand Budapest Hotel, Wes Anderson’s beautiful creation. It isn’t the plot, the scriptwriting, the humour or the acting that makes this movie such a treasure for me, although all of these have their qualities. It is the cinematography or to be more precise, the framing of each and every shot. You could freeze the movie at any point and you would have an eye-wateringly wonderful scene, framed perfectly with every single prop chosen and placed with such precision and such balance that the photographer and graphic designer in me wants to stand and applaud.

    I wanted to freeze the movie and transport the images to my wall, framed for posterity so I could look at them whenever I felt in need of inspiration.

    This is why I continue to watch movies despite my ennui. Not because I expect to be disappointed but because I hope to be amazed. I urge you to watch The Grand Budapest Hotel and perhaps, like me, you will be delighted and amazed.

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