And finally, monsieur, a wafer-thin watch

  • Two wafer thin watches to be precise and these almost certainly won’t make you explode.

    (For those too young to know, the headline refers to a Monty Python sketch taken from the film, ‘The Meaning of Life‘. Go, watch it, but first read this.)

    ULTRA SLIM duo

    I thought I would share a recent photograph I was commissioned to take for Rotary Watches. These stunning Ultra Slim models are indeed ‘wafer thin’ and I needed to get the angle just right to show off their slim profile and also to ensure the dials were clearly visible in all their glory.

    By fading the back of the strap to black and shooting on a black background the emphasis is well and truly on the profile, and the dial and case ‘pop’ thanks to the strong contrast.

    Every watch shot is different, as is every watch, and I get asked to experiment with a lot of different angles and compositions for use in advertising campaigns, but this is one of my favourites due to its clean lines gently curving strap/bracelet and overall simplicity.


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