Bottled Feelings for Sale?

  • What is it about feelings which can sometimes overwhelm, you and those around you, when they are unleashed, that you may utter “I thought we’d never come back from that one.” once the tidal wave has subsided.

    The feelings can be euphoric, lifting you to great heights, surfing the crest of a giant wave, as though gravity may have lost its hold.



    Love by Valerio Loi



    Or it can be of the kind which weighs more than gravity itself, plunging you into the deep dark centre of the earth, or so it seems at the time.

    What is it about feelings that connects them to bottles.

    And what is it about bottles that connects them to feelings.

    Bottles can be as fascinating as feelings at times, and when feelings are bottled, things can enter an unusual dimension.

    Such as with the wonderful imaginary creations by Valerio Loi, part of his series – Human Feelings as Drugs.



    Love - 2 by Valerio Loi



    A personal project inspired by his observation that in today’s society many people keep their feelings bottled up and sometimes buy medicine to help them cope with the stress of doing this. He wondered what if… we could buy feelings in the same way that we buy medicine.

    The series is beautiful and thought-provoking, as well as being a clever idea and excellent design. If these were available for sale, I wonder… The feelings available thus far are Love (pictured), Joy, Hope, Empathy, and Peace.

    His most recent project – Web Popularity Products – focuses on social media, with a very humorous take on the subject and object of our affection and the many other ways we feel about it (a place where we sometimes express and spill our bottled feelings, or which causes feelings to get bottled).



    Facebook Nutella by Valerio Loi.



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