Stop Motion Update with Guest Star

Drumroll…………… Ladies and gentlemen, the stars of our movie are now ready for their dress rehearsal. More or less. I say more or less because I can never resist tinkering and there will be changes before shooting begins in a week or so. The script is almost done, the set is all but completed and the lights and camera are in position.

But if you think that is all for this update then you would be very wrong. Oh no, we have a special guest lined up for the film, a major movie star no less. Contracts have been signed and he is raring to go. Perhaps a little too ‘raring’ if the truth be told. He is an excitable chap, some might say difficult to work with, but we at SDDP love a challenge and are thrilled to be working with Mr Ghostface. He doesn’t come cheap, (you wouldn’t believe the amount of black plasticine I had to buy) but he comes with a great pedigree.


Keep an eye on The Iconophile as we will be posting regular updates during the filming and let you know if any of the actors are behaving like divas (CoughJennyCough) or indeed, like homicidal maniacs. (CoughSteveCough)

“It’s a scream baby! Hold on a sec, I’ll be right back!” – Scream