Cover Story with a Twist

Viral Legs.

“The reports of my death are greatly exaggerated.”
― Mark Twain


Ever wondered what it would be like to be featured on the cover of a magazine. To have your face plastered in glossy A4 everywhere. With your story captioned in garish font and colour on the outside hoping to grab the attention of browsing eyes tempting them to look inside to read more.

Ever wondered how those who do appear on the cover of magazines feel about it. What they think (which they probably don’t to maintain their sanity) about where their glossed and photoshopped face ends one once we buy it and take it home.


Rob Theron


The magazines Stephen and I buy usually end up in a big messy pile, which due to the gloss causes the pile to slip and slide, and sometimes this makes for an intriguing blending of cover stories and pics.

That’s what I’ve tried to capture here in this collection of hastily taken photos inspired by a bit of accidental slippage.

This bit of photo fun started with noticing that the fist from a Wired Magazine cover was peeking out under an Esquire cover adding to the latter’s featured star – Sean Penn – a certain humour which ties in with his rebel bad boy reputation.


The Fist of Penn


All the other cover mixes were thought out using what I had to hand. The magazines featured are – Esquire, Vanity Fair, Wired, and Stuff. Hope they won’t mind what I’ve done with them (and sue the pants off of me), and will see it (if they happen upon it) as creative recycling – that’s a good thing, right?


NetFlix 00MPH


Mouth Stuff


Look at the Face


Call Me Mister


I’ve linked this post to a Daily Post prompt, and you might be wondering why if that’s what brought you here. Somehow this fun and random creative project connected with the idea in the prompt about writing your obit. Perhaps because Mike Nichols is a favourite life philosopher of mine. He studied what happened to people when their persona become media worthy, when their face appeared on glossy magazine covers and their life became a feature for a magazine or some other publicity vehicle.

It’s very easy for someone in the media’s eye to get lost in the persona created by the media and the public for them. What they say about themselves gets rewritten by what we say about them, who we want and need them to be for us, and they oblige because it may suit them to do so.

This can happen to ordinary Joe’s like me too, but on a smaller scale. People get an idea about you and you may like the idea they have better than your own ideas about yourself, or it’s easier to go with how others see you than fight it.

Usually it’s a bit of a blend, two magazine covers slipping and sliding, creating a new cover story with a twist.

Enjoy life while you’re living it, what happens next is another story.


“I think that to make something alive, instead of on a page, is an honorable task. And it turns me on.”
 – Mike Nichols

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