My precious!

“We wants it, we needs it. Must have the precious.” – Gollum- JRR Tolkein

I love jewellery. Watches, rings, pendants, bracelets. I collect shiny things like a magpie. I am lucky that my job involves photographing such wondrous objects. The SDDP skull logo comes from this love as does the banner image we use on our website and right here on The Iconophile. My earnings go towards paying for those bright baubles that adorn my hands, wrists and neck and so the cycle is complete.

A few such beautiful pieces came my way recently and I thought I would shoot them and share them here. This time not for money, just for joy.

RINGS MAR2014 02

The photograph features 4 sterling silver rings. From bottom to top, a band with skulls from Rocker Supplies, a band of tiny skulls from the Thomas Sabo Rebel at Heart collection, a spinner ring with, yes you guessed it, skulls, from one of my favourite designers, King Baby and finally a large skull ring again from Rocker Supplies.

My collection will continue to grow, as will my desire to shoot these bright and shiny treasures.


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