Evolving design


The Evolve range. Energy, Sugar Free and Stimulation


I have been working as a packaging designer for many years and in the last 4 years SDDP have become specialists in design for the aluminium can drinks industry. Working within very specific print parameters with designated zones for legal text, nutritional information, ingredients etc brings its own challenges and the limitations of the print process for aluminium cans means you have to be highly creative with your designs. Keeping the design simple and bold is one way to approach the process and this is what we did with Evolve Energy Drinks for Corinthian Brands Limited.


 A breakdown of the Evolve Brand Identity

They required a strong brand identity with huge shelf presence in a market that is already saturated. A new as yet unknown drinks brand will inevitably find it very difficult to break in to this market so we chose a very bold design, clear typography and strong colours to differentiate the three products that made up the range.

The Evolve ‘symbol’ is based on a scientific icon that reflects progression, evolution and a sense of energy. By simplifying the ‘symbol’ we created an image that is both recognisable and visible from a distance so that on-shelf it would be easy to locate and stand out from the other brands available. The typeface chosen for the brand identity is sharp and angular. It is both modern and energised. At its core, the drink is designed to give the consumer a boost of energy and the packaging is designed carefully to reflect this. This is not just another energy drink that you are holding in your hand. This is liquid Evolution. You want to Evolve, right? To become better than you already are? Then you should be drinking this. That is the message that Corinthian Brands desired to communicate and the packaging is tailored to highlight this message, not in words, but visually.


 The complete flat artwork for Evolve ‘Energy’


Ultimately any drinks brand will live or die on its sales but the right packaging, tailored to the specifically targeted consumer, with strong bold graphics and high on-shelf presence gives the brand the very best chance. The taste of the drink itself and the actual physical boost given in energy will keep the consumer returning but you have to get the drink in to their hands before they have ever tasted it. This is the job of the packaging designer.

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