Nae Energy? Nae Danger

When Glencrest Director Ross Gourley approached SDDP with colour sketches of a new pack design the brief was simple, create a brand that would last the test of time and a range of packaging with standout shelf presence. A simple brief but a far from easy task. The energy drinks market is a fast growing and already over-saturated market with the big-brands already well established and for a new brand to break in, it has to have that something different. At SDDP we believed that Nae Danger was that product with an edge that would carry it far.

A quirky name, a fun tagline (Aye, ye cannae whack it) and a look aimed a young, dynamic and thrill-loving consumer. This was the ethos behind Nae Danger (a Scottish colloquialism for ‘No Problem’).

Nae-Danger 500ml packshotOnce the pack design was completed and the artwork was with the aluminium can manufacturer we began work on the marketing campaign. This initially involved trade and consumer advertising, posters and magazine advertorials.



Ads, posters and advertorials


Early success of the 500ml Blue Raspberry flavour encouraged the company to add new flavours. Initially we created a Red Blueberry 500ml pack and this was quickly followed by a 250ml sugar free version of the Blue Raspberry and a 250ml Original Energy pack. The original Energy pack was cross-promoted with the Scottish rap duo SHY & DRS and featured a free download of their hit single “Relapse”. We also designed a special display stand for in-store promotions.


The promotional SHY & DRS Original Energy Pack alongside the logo we created for the sponsorship deal and advertising which also featured the Sugar Free version.


After the energy drink range had been launched and grown Nae Danger came to SDDP and commissioned us to create the packaging for a new Nae Danger Sports drink in two flavours. They wanted the brand to run strongly through the packs but also to reflect the company’s embracing of adrenaline sports.

Nae Danger Scottich Grocer MARCH2013 BKD

 Packshot and advert produced by SDDP for the Nae Danger Sport range

With a growing range now including two flavours of sports drink and four energy drinks the company needed something to transport it in. Something bright, colourful and unmissable on the road. They asked us to carry out the branding of their trucks and vans and as you can see below, they are not likely to be missed.




And finally we have the complete range of drinks available from Nae Danger. We are watching the brand closely and expecting great things from them. The taste is great, the brand is dynamic, the pack has great shelf presence and the guys behind the brand have passion and determination.



NB. After writing this post I learnt that Glencrest Director Ross Gourley took the full range of Nae Danger Sport and Energy drinks on to Dragon’s Den in the hope of gaining some investment.



Images sourced from BBC

And the great news is that Ross attained the £200,000.00 he was looking for in a joint investment from Duncan Bannatyne and Peter Jones. Congrats to Ross on his success. Full steam ahead now for Nae Danger.

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