She Sees: Fresh – What Fresh Hell is This?

“What fresh hell is this?”
― Dorothy Parker



My temporary studio now smells as though a jet just took off, fresh off the runway.

Inhale. Breathe that freshness in.

Ah… pocalypse now and then.

It smells like that not because my temporary studio happens to be a runway for jets, although that would be very exciting and is giving me ideas, but because I had lighter fluid.

The lighter fluid was originally only there to clean the light bulb.


LB - fresh out of light


The light bulb was only there (and needed cleaning with lighter fluid because lighter fluid is excellent for cleaning things like light bulbs for photographic reasons) because it stopped working and I kept it just in case it would come in handy for a photo shoot (and that just in case happened to be just now).

The match with the flame came later and was applied deliberately. No happenstance about it.

We sometimes associate having ideas with light bulbs turning on.

But how do you turn on a light bulb which is dead to electricity?

Just as with ideas, sometimes you need to get a bit creative about it.


LB - splish splash


The photo shoot originally wasn’t going to be about the light bulb and lighter fluid plus lit match at all.

Considering what my original idea had been for this challenge: Fresh – to use air freshener on a flame and capture it from start to finish – what I ended up doing is quite tame, and the house and its inhabitants aren’t a charred heap on the lawn.

Ever the optimist, especially when it comes to the combustion my ideas create.

I’m still tempted to do the air freshener thing, but I should probably do it outside.

I could have done this outside, if it wasn’t too fresh to do it. The freshness of Spring over here includes strong winds, and the occasional rain which may turn into a hail storm, as it so happens is occurring right now and bringing new meaning to ‘inhale’ albeit with a slightly different spelling (semantics), so I opted to do this inside.

For practical reasons.

For safety.

I didn’t want to get hit by hail or blown away by the wind.


LB - combustion


Just don’t tell Stephen that I did this, he thought I was photographing something else – a daffodil – for this. His perspective – the He Sees – of this challenge is coming up in another post.

If he only knew what I actually did. Well, it’s too late for that and over now, and all is well (not a fresh hell).



“No amount of fire or freshness can challenge what a man will store up in his ghostly heart.”
― F. Scott Fitzgerald



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