AGS00009-C-05 REDUX2015

Like Jennifer, my initial idea for ‘Fresh‘ was very different from the finished article. I had great plans. Take a photograph of a skeletal leaf, then take a photograph of the same leaf only a nice fresh green version. Then photograph a drop of water falling on the skeletal leaf and hey presto, stop motion would make the dead leaf magically come back to life. Technically I could do it, but I couldn’t find the perfect skeleton of a leaf and I certainly couldn’t find its living counterpart. Wrong time of year you see. So perhaps one day this idea will get a fresh start, with fresh eyes on a fresh day when the fresh dews of spring awaken the trees.

“The moment a man begins to talk about technique that’s proof that he is fresh out of ideas.” Raymond Chandler

Wait, what? No, I am not talking about technique, at least not because of a lack of ideas and I am certainly not about to dispute the meaning of ‘fresh’ with a man whose protagonist was constantly being rendered unconscious.

Anyway, to this new day and to fresh ideas. Ok, cards on the table. The idea is fresh but the day is not so new. I took this photograph some time ago. It was part of a collection for Rotary Watches and the brief for this particular shot used the word ‘fresh’. It used quite a few other words. I rarely receive one word briefs although it has happened. (One client used to write their briefs on the back of a beermat, but then it was the only thing to hand and if we didn’t write it down we wouldn’t remember it in the morning, but that’s another life and the memories are not so fresh.)

So today I took the original photograph from my archives and I freshened it up. I gave it a new look. A fresh idea, on a fresh day, with a fresh new look.

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