What Catches Your Eye?

What is eye-catching to you?

I know that sounds painful, at least it does to me, however usually what grabs our attention isn’t painful, it’s pleasurable.

We feel a rush of reaction, one of which makes us stop in our tracks to take a closer look.

In a sea of images, what makes you stop and look. Really look.

Recently while idly scrolling through Pinterest, this image shouted STOP! at me.


michael in the curlers by Robert TrachtenbergRobert Trachentenberg


There are many things I love about the internet, the pros of it far outweigh the cons. It has introduced me to many talented creatives whose work I would have missed without it.

However it occasionally makes me exasperated. Such as in the case of this image and trying to find out who took this photograph.

The person who had shared this on Pinterest did not include a source, probably because they pinned it from someone else, who had pinned it from someone else, and so on.

And the place from which it was originally pinned had probably found this image online and used it for something which wasn’t connected to its original purpose.

I’m guilty of doing this too on my Pinterest. I tend to use Pinterest as a bookmark for things I like which I will look up properly later.

Later came for this image and I began the process of looking it up properly. Which usually starts with using Google Image Search. I should perhaps mention that I’m not the most patient or proficient searcher. However, usually, I don’t need to be as the search often ends there with a quick result that leads me to the original source.

This one didn’t.

Even using the tiny words printed on the image, which I am fairly certain say – something something Dior Homme – didn’t help.

Even using ‘tattooed man in curlers’ didn’t narrow my search, although it did take me on a wonderful detour into the magnificent work of Diane Arbus.


man-in-curlers-Diane ArbusDiane Arbus


It’s surprising how many images there are of men in curlers, and that surprise is rather exciting in a stereotype shattering, creative manner. Why shouldn’t men use curlers!


tattooed man in curlersI couldn’t find the source for this, please let me know if you know it.


Eventually, after giving up, trying again, giving up again, trying again again.

I found Camilla Arthur Casting discussing ‘Michael in curlers‘ for a Flaunt Magazine editorial photoshoot by Robert Trachentenberg.


RobertTrachtenberg_Regeneration_Editorial for Flaunt


Search over.

For now.

I still have to find the source for that other tattooed man in curlers.


“You’ll find, my friend, that what you love will take you places you never dreamed you’d go.”
― Tony Kushner



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