She Sees: Introvert / Extrovert

Introvert - CIntrovert



“Why do extroverts have voicemail? To never miss a call.

Why do introverts have voicemail? To never answer the phone.”

― Devora Zack



The flower in the photographs is a Lesser Celandine. They’re popping up all over the lawn in a burst of vibrant yellow across the green.

It’s very beautiful.

Spring is the season of extroversion for nature.

My nature tends to be introverted.

Sometimes it is fun to be a part of the whole flower,

and sometimes it’s fun to be a singular petal who goes off on its own, blown by a breeze of solitude.

This is my take on Introvert / Extrovert.

I value

celebrating nature,

however it chooses to express itself.



Extrovert - CExtrovert



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