She Sees: Naturally Blurred Edges

A Lamb Blur


“His life oscillates, as everyone’s does, not merely between two poles, such as the body and the spirit, the saint and the sinner, but between thousands and thousands.”
― Hermann Hesse



The natural world is in constant motion.

Stillness is an illusion.

It can be a convincing illusion,

such as in the shot of the ewe and her lamb,

but look away from the subjects in focus,

at the blur of green around them,

and the blur give the stillness of the moment away.



A Pheasant Blur


“Now true humor begins when a man ceases to take himself seriously.”
― Hermann Hesse



This pheasant was on the prowl,

he looks almost still,

but his blurred edges give his restlessness away.

Pheasants are fascinating,

so dignified and proud in their bearing,

but the slightest rustling in their periphery,

and they will let out a startled whoop,

scurrying away,

still maintaining their dignified bearing.

Which can be comical to the irreverent eye and ear.



A Bunny Blur


It is certain in any case that life is quite disarmed by the gift to live so entirely in the present, to treasure with such eager care every flower by the wayside and the light that plays on every passing moment.”
― Hermann Hesse



This may look like a still moment between these two bunnies,

but one of them is busy scratching itself,

and the other is investigating with its nose.

They moved around this pile of decaying logs,

with the speed of curiosity,

when it is young and vibrant with life.

If my camera had a faster shutter speed,

then perhaps I could have captured them looking

unnaturally still.

But then again,

I was so excited by the sight of them,

my body was shaking from head to toe with the feeling.

Life is in constant,




even when it looks perfectly still.



 A Bee Blur


“I will not pretend to justify this espionage I carried on, and I will say openly that all these signs of a life full of intellectual curiosity, but thoroughly slovenly and disorderly at the same time, inspired me…”
― Hermann Hesse



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