Father of Dragons


“Never laugh at live dragons.” – J.R.R. Tolkien


A few years ago SDDP was commissioned by Corinthian Brands Ltd to design the packaging for a new range of alcoholic caffeine drinks with the imaginative name of Dragon Soop. The brief was to make it bright and colourful, shelf grabbing and appealing to the twenty somethings around the pubs and clubs.

We created a bold brand Identity with the silver-edged dragon wrapped around the upper half of the brand name.


The range was initially four 500ml flavours but has now grown to seven flavours with some available in 250ml sizes, reflecting the drink’s success in the market place, and we believe that the strong brand identity and bold packaging that we created had a hand in this success.



The importance of packaging design should never be overlooked. It is the first point of contact for consumers and most would admit to trying a new drink or food at one time or another based purely on their attraction to its packaging. I know I have.


“Things do not pass for what they are, but for what they seem. Most things are judged by their jackets.” – Baltasar Gracian