The Beasts of Harvest

Harvesting Beast


“We are star stuff harvesting sunlight.”
― Carl Sagan


It’s not quite that time of year,

when the beasts come out to harvest.

But when they do,

the earth trembles,

the sky rumbles,

with the power of their tread,

and the hunger of their jaws.


Grain Sharing Beasts


As fearsome as these beasts,

appear to the eye and ear,

the farmers inside the belly of the beasts,

are gentle and generous,


photographers who insist on stalking them while they work.

When harvest time comes,

they work from dawn til dusk,

the beasts do not sleep,

neither does man.


Hay Baling Beast


This particular farm tests out ecologically friendly methods,

and does its best to minimise the impact which the human beast has on nature,

while still providing for human nature,

and feeding many with its harvest.

They recycle every part of the harvest,

to fertilise a new cycle of life.


*For the photography prompt

– Something out in Nature –


“The earth is a very small stage in a vast cosmic arena.”
― Carl Sagan


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