I first met writer and poet Sabiscuit when she commented on my post ‘Swimming with Roses’. She informed me that she was so inspired by the image that she was going to write a poem about it. Naturally I was extremely flattered and excited to see what she created and I share her creation with you here. Art should not be about the artist’s intentions but about the story that you, the viewer, find in the work. Sabiscuit found something unique in my photograph and created a stunning story. One that only she could find and it’s brilliant. Enjoy.

Saint Joan (Creative Studio)

Thrust in spells
Fire irons were cast
Wild minds centre
Great hands are clasped
Feathers fret round
von Hoven’s draft
There’s much to fear
Where Rosen’s in craft

Plated in sheaths
Impressions wrought steel
Thorn’s tender roses are
Flocking in teams
Verità’s lapels shall
Bind at the mast
What burdens we’ll bear
If Rosen’s this craft

Swimming with roses by Stephen Day via Iconophile Swimming with roses by Stephen Day via Iconophile

Special thanks go to the spectacularly talented artist and photographer, Stephen Day. I found an inspiring story in his photograph, Swimming with Roses, and my poem practically wrote itself. Stephen blogs with the equally fabulous Jennifer Day at the Iconophile

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