The Prop Agenda

Have you ever had one of those days,

or moments within a day,

when what someone else has done,

due to doing what they are doing,

before you are doing what you’re doing,

has affected the course of your own actions?


For instance,

did you ever need some ice cubes for your soda,

found some,

popped them into your glass,

then added the soda,

only to find that…

someone had put marbles into your ice cubes?


They didn’t deliberately put marbles into your ice cubes,

they simple put marbles into water to make ice cubes for a creative project,

but then they forget they’d done that,

and you didn’t know about any of this,

when you needed some ice cubes for your soda,

which all you wanted to do with it,

was drink it.


PROP - agendaThere’s a teaser in this photo relating to our idea for ‘broken’, but it requires that we work together, because we thought that was a good idea… so this may take a while to be actualised.


Welcome to,

life with Stephen and Jennifer,

of SDDP,

please feel free to make yourselves at home,

do be careful…

there may be marbles in the ice cubes,

amongst other things.


The latest photography prompt,

from the list I’m following,


Something You Have Too Much Of and Is Taking Up Space

This one is easy,

the answer is,


props for photography,

which is anything and everything,

so nothing gets thrown away,

given away,


all of it takes up space,

which we don’t have,

but have anyway.


“We must be free not because we claim freedom, but because we practice it.”
― William Faulkner


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