Escape the Room

One of the activities which I enjoy,

is playing,

Escape the Room games online.

If you’ve never had the questionable pleasure,

of indulging in this kind of escapism,

perhaps you’re wiser than I am.

If you would like to try this out,

may I recommend,

the mother of all Escape the Room games,

Elements by Neutral,

by a true artist of the genre.


EXIT through the dining room


“Think you’re escaping and run into yourself. Longest way round is the shortest way home.”
― James Joyce, Ulysses


Perhaps this activity that I enjoy,

usually as a way to tire my mind so that I can sleep,

is what inspired my interpretation of,

the photography prompt list’s

latest challenge

A Picture of Something Fun

It’s not the suggestion of fine dining,

or the invitation of a walk through an idyllic garden,

which strikes me the most about this shot,

taken idly while visiting a country house hotel,

it’s the little escape the room man on the door,

running for the exit,

while the opportunity is there.

He seems to be having fun,

he reminds me of something which I consider to be fun,

except when it becomes a bit of a nightmare,

and even a walkthrough can’t help me to escape.