The Beast with Five Fingers

Conrad Ryler: I know, Julie, you’re afraid. He’s holding you with his pain and helplessness. He draws his energy from your life. He’ll never let you go.

Julie Holden: But I must go.

– from The Beast with Five Fingers (1946)


There are certain mysteries in life,

which feed the imagination,

inspire creativity,

by inviting us to explore their enigma.

They urge us to venture into the labyrinth,

to seek their solution,


do we really want to solve them?

Do we truly want to know everything,

about our muse,

where it is a person,

a place,

a thing.


Hand Bag


Do you genuinely want others,

to know everything about you?


The latest photography prompt

What’s in Your Bag/Purse

seemed to want to know,

but did I want to reveal that much?


I don’t actually carry bags or purses,

because they and their contents,

are easily lost,

however if I did,

I’d keep a spare hand in there,

just in case I needed one.

Isn’t that what a handbag is for?


 Anne Lansdale: You mean you actually opened my mail and read this letter?

Jonathan Lansdale: Oh yes, my dearest darling spirit!

– from The Hand (1981)

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