Om nom nom


“But how will I eat cake if my head is over there, and my hands are over here?” – Marie Antoinette


Recently I have felt somewhat like Marie Antoinette. How can I possibly shoot this when my camera is over there and my hand is over here, but one manages and when there is sweet sugary cake on offer, one doubly manages.

I have a sweet tooth and like the shark from Jennifer’s post I sniffed out the tasty lemon treat that she was photographing and snaffled it. ‘A photograph,’ thought I. ‘And then perhaps just a small taste.’

The photograph I can share. The cake was all mine and damn if it didn’t taste good. Perhaps a little burned on one side but a blow torch and a sparkler will do that.

Enjoy. The picture that is. The cake is nought but crumbs in the wind.


CAKE illustration


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