What the F%@K!


HAVING A BUD effects


You know what it’s like. It’s a warm Spring afternoon, you take a break from work and decide to have a nice cold beer and a snack.

So imagine my horror when I found these buggers had been at my frothy treat.

Needless to say I was less than impressed.


7 thoughts on “What the F%@K!

    • I just looked them up. I’d not heard of them before. Books for kids were so smart in those days. Quirky. My day too. It feels like kids shows and books are dumbed down now. That might just be me being nostalgic though.


      • One of my next books is about retired fairies who took over my house when I was living in the Redwood forest near Santa Cruz, Ca. They caused no end of trouble. Probably influenced by the Teenie Weenies. I love their illustrations, did you??? The cook, the professor, the schoolteacher, the babies…


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