If I Could Just Draw A Letter…

Writing Bob


There once was a dog named Bob,

Who chased a bluejay into a glob,

of syrup and tears,

A mailbox of fears,

But food on his plate made tail throb!


If I could just draw a letter,


this limerick would be better…



I doubt it.


The latest photography prompt

A Photo of Your Handwriting

had me chasing a bluejay into a glob too,

just like Bob,

the dog.


According to online graphology ‘experts’,

or at least my take on their ‘expertise’ and my handwriting (wherein I could be wrong),

my style of writing is,

a Windmill*,

but does a windmill know it’s a windmill?

And does the Windmill agree,

with what others see,

when judging a scribe by its scribblings?


There once was a Windmill style writer,

who thought they were a WWII fighter,

they strafed,

and chafed,

And their load made was very much lighter.


Still horrific,

how terrific!



for more on graphology and the Windmill style…

The Windmill Personality; buffeted by the Storms of Life


A Gallery of Curious Characters: A collection of interesting handwriting samples of curious personality types

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