He says: A is for…… Appetite


Whoever sayin’ what I’m sayin’z for greed, The 9 even when they’re tryin’ to feed my appetite for destruction. – NWA


Here at The Iconophile we love a photo challenge so we decided to set ourselves one. Over the next 26 days, (or possibly more as that seems over ambitious and we have to sleep and work too) we will be posting photographs that follow the alphabet.

By we I mean myself and Jennifer and so, as is tradition, we begin with ‘A’.



What does appetite mean? The desire to eat? Sure but it can be the desire of anything. An appetite for destruction perhaps.

For this little fella the appetite is very much for nectar. He just can’t get enough of that sweet sweet powder.


Overindulgent fly


How about you? What do you have an appetite for. Please join us in our A-Z photo challenge. Do it in your own time, don’t feel the need to post every day. Find your own words or use ours.

Whatever you do, do it with a healthy appetite. Or an unhealthy one. Do it your way.


“The thanks of a weak one are but of little value,” he muttered, “but you have them, for truly, in this past week, little but scraps have come my way- and for all my body is small, yet is my appetite unseemly great.” – Isaac Asimov


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