Her Appetite is for Reading

Appetite - for words


Now, a voice, soft, well modulated, melodious and far-reaching is clearly heard above it all, like the still, small voice saying: “Here Am I.”

Since the sound of the first note… …the Dreamer had been entranced by the overpowering splendor of the Kaleidoscopic view – a panorama always changing, yet never changed; active, yet restful.”

– Nancy McKay Gordon


How are you?

How is your day?

What are you doing?

What have you done?

Simple questions which we sometimes ask of others,

and of ourselves,

and which others sometimes ask of us,

and of themselves.



how will those questions be answered?

Will a story be told,

a tale of adventure,

of a hero on a quest,

of a dreamer seeking to make dreams a reality.

Will it be mythic,



or just brushed away with a…

don’t ask, don’t tell,

same old grind,


of secret lives being lived,

and other reasons to keep silent.


“The shadows grow deeper.

Their duskiness throws a veil of silvery sheen over the White Building, that in bas relief stands out against the bedecked vault of heaven.

The night is balmy, bewitching the senses as only witchery of a tropical night, with its intensity of lights and shades can do.”

– Nancy McKay Gordon


Ever since before I could read,

I loved the tales which books share,

others told them to me after and while reading them,

it made me hungry to read them myself,

for I always felt left out,

as though I was missing something.


Once I learned how to read,

I devoured book after tasty book,

story after satiating story,

word after delicious word,

and reveled in my gluttony,

my craving,

and greed,

for more.


“In no other country, is the effect of the moonlight so magical as within the belt of the Equator. Everything far and near is visibly defined; shadows and light fall alike.”

– Nancy McKay Gordon



I’m glad my eyes are bigger than my stomach.


* Words used in the image and in this post are from Her Bungalow: An Atlantian Memory by Nancy McKay Gordon (1898). It’s one of the few books which has moved me to tears with its beauty


* this is my response to Stephen’s challenge – A is for…… Appetite


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