He Says: B is for…… Blow


“As for children’s working off aggressions, I’m against it. They are going to need all the aggressions they can contain for ultimate release in the adult world. – Kurt Vonnegut


It could have been bubbles. Or bling. Perhaps. But this isn’t a game of I-spy and ‘B’ is very much for Blow.




But what kind of blow?

The blowing of bubbles on to the hand from beneath or the blow of a fist punching a once peaceful tank of water. Blowback as water splashes in reaction to an act of aggression or the metaphorical blow that one might make in support of an agenda hidden from view.

Perhaps the hand just plunged in to the water to catch a fish, now safely gripped in the fist. Well that would be a blow for the fish, and indeed a blow struck on behalf of man in the war against fish.

Is there a war against fish?

It’s amazing how many stories a single photograph can tell. Why not start your own A-Z and find your story.


“Do not wait to strike till the iron is hot; but make it hot by striking.” – William Butler Yeats


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