Hiding in Plain Sight

Angle Shades Moth


“Meticulously, motionlessly, secretly, he wrought in time his lofty, invisible labyrinth.”

― Jorge Luis Borges


Do you know why actors wear make up?

It is not a beautiful disguise,

designed to hide who they are,

to become someone else,

it is so that when they don’t wear any,

they can hide in plain sight.


Of course that is not true.


But what is true?


The Angle Shades moth,

Phlogophora meticulosa,

would have you believe that it is a leaf,

a withered and browned leaf,

a part of the detritus of nature.

For this excellent pretense,

it is rewarded with protection from predators,

except of the human variety.


If I was the sort of human who raked leaves into a pile,

to burn them,

this moth might have ended up in flames,

even though it is not the sort which is drawn to the light.


“A highly distinctive and unusual moth…”

UK moths


I did almost step on it,

but my eyes were scouring the ground,

and spotted its magnificently meticulous disguise,

before my feet ruined it.


“In his blue gardens men and girls came and went like moths among the whisperings…”

― F. Scott Fitzgerald


Angle Shades Moth 2


*for D is for Disguise.