He says: G is for Gigantic


GIGANTIC effects


Gigantic, gigantic, gigantic. A big big love – Pixies song lyrics


I’d love a team of tiny helpers. I don’t have them, I have a cat and I’m her gigantic helper.

I used to feel like a giant. At school. I’m tall. Not that tall but I was the tallest in my class. An early grower. Skinny too. These days my shoulders hunch a bit too much. A lifetime spent trying to make myself smaller.

I’m not a fan of standing out. Shy. I’d sooner hide away. A hermit.

My cat curls up on my lap. To her I am a giant. I’d like a lap to curl up on. To feel small for just a moment. Just long enough to realise that, after all, I rather like being gigantic.


“Well, first of all,” said the BFG, “human beans is not really believing in giants, is they? Human beans is not thinking we exist.” – Roald Dahl, The BFG


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