Every Little Helps

Spider on Flower


“Undoubtedly, philosophers are in the right when they tell us that nothing is great or little otherwise than by comparison.”
― Jonathan Swift


Every little helps…

What does that mean?

I wondered when a giant supermarket chain

used it as their advertising slogan.


Of course they explained it,

every little penny you spend in their shops,

helps them to amass a gigantic pile of pennies,

which allows them to spread their web further and wider.


Small things add up to big things.


A small spider,

smaller than the one on this flower,

spun a web,

just in front of the motion sensor of the home alarm,

of a rather large house,

the local grand hall.

The alarm kept going off,

usually in the quiet of night,

echoing across the surrounding land,

like a warning bell,

a scream of distress,

bringing police and neighbours,

to gather in search of some hulking human up to deeds of robbery,

stealing from others to gain for themselves.


Every little helps…


But the culprit could not be found,

not by the human eye.


It was the tip of a human finger,

checking the sensor,

which found a gossamer veil,

and understood,

an explanation,

for a sticky situation.


Every little helps…


But they never found the spider who had spun it.


What was that spider up to?

Perhaps it was protecting the sensor from tiny flies,


other invisible beasts,

and specks of dust.


Every little helps…


“Big-endians and small-endians.”

― Jonathan Swift




* G is for Gigantic

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