He says: I is for Irony




But is this picture really ironic. Or is the focus actually perfect. Forget the sign, it’s irrelevant, the model is the star.

It doesn’t matter. If the image is ironic, then it works. If the image isn’t ironic, then perhaps it works even better after all, what is more ironic than a picture to illustrate irony that is in fact, not in the least bit ironic.

Much like the Alanis Morissette song ‘ironic’ which is only ironic in that it demonstrates her lack of understanding of the term ‘ironic’.

So what is irony? I was reading the New Scientist the other day and it featured an interview with a leading scientist in his field. The interviewer was late to the meeting because he got lost in the streets of London. The man he was meeting was a leading exponent in the study of time. That is ironic. The building he struggled to locate where the meeting was to be held was the Institute of Navigation. That is why I love irony so much.


“Irony is wasted on the stupid” – Oscar Wilde


One thought on “He says: I is for Irony

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