Why take it all so seriously?

Scissor puzzle


“I’m simply an accident. Why take it all so seriously?”
― Emil Cioran


Is it ironic that the mere mention of irony,

especially online,

can suck all the humour out of people,

make them angry and argumentative,

pompous and pedantic,

and cause them to fail to see,

how ridiculous it is to get in a kerfuffle over something so trivial,

and what an incongruous paradox it is?


Why did I use this photograph of a pair of scissors,

as my entry for I is for Irony?


The scissors claim to be for,

Large General Purpose,

and I had a purpose for a large general…

to guard me from those who take irony seriously,

to defend with verbal fisticuffs,

as though it was a matter of life and death.


I bought these scissors a while ago,

because I did not have any scissors,

with which to cut things,

like tags and ties,

and did not realise until it was too late,

that I needed scissors,

to access my new pair of scissors,

to free them from the bonds which tied them,

and made them rather useless,

for purpose general,


and small.


“So much more complex is the man who suffers from limitless anxiety. The wise man’s life is empty and sterile, for it is free from contradiction and despair. An existence full of irreconcilable contradictions is so much richer and creative.”
― Emil Cioran


scissors - general purpose

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