I Am Merely The Joker

Venetian Joker Card


 “I don’t belong anywhere.
I am neither a heart, a diamond, a club, nor a spade. I am neither a King, a Jack, an Eight, nor an Ace.
As I am here – I am merely the Joker, and who that is I have had to find out for myself.”

― Jostein Gaarder


Every day,

in every way,

we rely on the kindness of strangers,

often in manner so subtle,

neither we,

nor they,




it is one of the little jokes of life

– Life is the greatest Joker –

that we pay more attention,

when others are unkind,

than we do when they are kind.


Kindness hides,


many masks,


sleights of hand,

and is only seen,

when the trickster,

is caught in the act,

shocking us with a smile,



Beneath the layers of the Joker,

beats a wild heart,

that knows pain,

and tries to alleviate it,

through pranks of levity.


“It is different for the Joker, because he was put into this world with a flaw:
he sees too deeply and too much.

Truth is a lonely thing.”

― Jostein Gaarder




He may seem scary,

but this particular Joker,


is one of the kindest strangers,

I have ever had the pleasure to meet,

and know.

He is no longer a stranger of one sort,

but he gets stranger the longer I know him,

and his kindness seems to know no bounds.


“I have gone around observing your activities from the outside.
Because of this I have also been able to see things to which you have been blind.”

― Jostein Gaarder


* J is for Joker

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