He says: K is for King



“Upon the conduct of each depends the fate of all.” – Alexander the Great


My name is Stephen. You knew that right. Did you know that Stephen derives from the Greek for Crown? Stephen King’s parents must have really loved regality.

K is for King.

And like every King of regal bearing I am prone to the occasional fit of temper.

Like when I am losing at games. Of chess for example.

My King under threat.

Surrounded by pawns who offer little protection.

The Queen by my side but quick to move.

As far away as the board allows whilst I am left to move sluggishly, weighed down by my crown.

My knights moving erratically.

Drunk perhaps on the beer brewed by the Bishop who is never quite able to move in a straight line whilst the rooks shuffle from side to side, ancient chariots that never seem to carry me anywhere.

And what do I do whilst all this is happening?

I fend off the advances of my enemy’s Queen as best I can. Accursed strumpet won’t leave me alone.

God dammit my Kingdom is a mess.


“When the end comes, I will meet it raging.” – George R.R. Martin


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