He says: M is for Macabre



I think the camera was always my obsession, the camera movements. Because for me it’s the most important thing in the movie, the camera, because without the camera, film is just a stage or television – nothing.

Dario Argento


I loved to watch horror movies growing up in the seventies.

And none more so than those directed by The Master of Macabre himself.

Dario Argento.

He carried me in to a world unlike any other.

Of hallucinations and disembodied sounds.

Of dark images and bright splashes of colour.

He doesn’t just make horror films. He makes beautiful horror films.

That will delight as they horrify.

If you doubt my word watch Suspiria.

M is for Macabre


Bad luck isn’t brought by broken mirrors, but by broken minds. – Suspiria (1977)