Time for a choc-ice

Yup, we’ve reached the halfway point in our A-Z photo challenge and it’s intermission time.

Both myself and Jennifer added our ‘M’s’ and now we’re taking a two day break but don’t worry, we’ll be back with ‘N’ on Wednesday.

For now, kick back, have a warm fizzy orange drink and a melty choc-ice and enjoy a recap of A-M as brought to you by my good self.

Oh and use this time to plan your own photo challenge or join in with ours. It’s great fun and forces you to pick up your camera and start being creative.

That’s never a bad thing.




“In my career as a director, there’s always been some point where you get halfway through it and you go: ‘What is this thing all about, and why am I telling the story? Does anybody really care about seeing this?’ At that time you have to say: ‘OK, forget that and just go ahead.'” – Clint Eastwood


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