Stand Up Eight

Eight card -1


“Fall down seven times,

Stand up eight.”

– Japanese proverb


One of the first lessons,

which we learn,

in life,

is the ability to fall,


and over,

as we attempt,

to walk,





For many numbers,

falling over,

can change them,

nine is a beetle on its back,

three becomes a moustache,

five looks like a cup,

one draws a line,

but eight is infinitely eight.


“Scattered clouds,

Disappearing mist.”

– Japanese proverb


Eight card - 2


Or is it…

a pair of glasses,

looking at,

what lies behind,

what sprawls ahead,

light and shadow,

one curving into the other,



“Even monkeys fall from trees.”

– Japanese proverb



*N is for Numbers

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