A Queen of Quirky

Queen card - Quirky


The Doctor: You were supposed to be dying.
Face of Boe: There are better things to do today. Dying can wait.

– Doctor Who: New Earth


Q is for Quirky


Okey dokey,

hokey pokey cokey,

you put your left body part in…

which side is my left side again,

just explain this one to me again,

I’m having sides of the body issues again…


Quirky comes naturally to me,

according to all those who use that word,


as a way to describe my tendency to be…


up, down,

top, bottom,

strange, charm.


Even Stephen,

who is amazingly unfazed by my quazillion quirks,

compared me to Johnny Depp,

playing Hunter Thompson’s,

semi-autobiographical character,


in The Rum Diary film.

This comparison occurred,

while Kemp was having a chat,

with a lobster,

about the Universe.


 Paul Kemp: We need to get some more.
[Kemp stops to stare at a tank full of lobsters]
Paul Kemp: [quietly] That explains it… doesn’t it?
Sala: Explains what?
Paul Kemp: The world… and us.
[he stares deep into the eyes of one particular lobster]

– The Rum Diary (2011)


Lobsters are incredibly wise beings,

they put up with humans,

buttering them up,

don’t they?


Someone recently buttered me up,

complimenting me on my unusual honesty.


how much I annoy people,

possibly due to my being…



To me,

it’s rather quirky,

that honesty should be considered unusual.

If you annoy people,

might as well own it.

Just as it’s five O’clock somewhere,

this must be a… talent,


Must keep practicing…


Wasting away again in Margaritaville,
Searching for my lost shaker of salt,
Some people claim that there’s a woman to blame,
But I know, it’s my own damn fault.

– Jimmy Buffet


It’s better when I’m being naturally quirky,

than when I’m trying to be,

unnaturally unquirky.

The horror, the horror…

like getting stuck in the,

It’s a Small World ride at Disney.

Whose song,

happens to be OUR song,

how romantic,

ain’t life sweet!


I didn’t know what I wanted to do! And I want to remember it. I never want to forget it… I never want to forget. And then I realized… like I was shot… like I was shot with a diamond…

– Apocalypse Now


This image was originally created for O is for Obscenity,

but… it was too quirky for that!

Isn’t that right (or is it left), Stephen?


Where is he…?


QUIRKY degas



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