He says: Q is for Quirky


What does quirky mean to you?

To me it means an eccentricity, something that is different, unusual, peculiar.

I decided to do a self portrait, except that we don’t consider the things we do ourselves to be peculiar because for us, they are normal. They might be quirky to others but this is a self portrait.


QUIRKY degas


So what is quirky about this image?

Is it the rose in the teeth? Well, roses often appear in my photography. The Rose forms a part of my logo. So nothing unusual there.

Is it the skull rings? No. I wear them all the time. Same with the necklace and bracelet. Not peculiar for me.

However I never wear hats. So me in a hat…… That’s quirky.

But a photograph would never do. Nothing quirky there. I take them all the time. So I asked Edgar Degar to paint it for me instead. I’d love to be able to paint but I knew I could never be as good as the masters no matter how hard I practiced and I hate being anything but the best so thanks to Edgar for poking a brush out from beyond the grave and adding his flourish to my creation.

Now that’s quirky.


“In painting you must give the idea of the true by means of the false.” – Edgar Degas