Impressions of impressionists*

An extra post today and a little bit of fun.

Earlier this morning I posted Q is for Quirky and in order to give my self-portrait a bit of added Quirk, I used the wonderful Topaz Labs to Degas it up.

For those not familiar with Topaz Labs it is a collection of Photoshop plug-ins that allow you to be ultra creative with your photography.

And the newest addition to their suite is Topaz Impression, a plug-in that allows you to emulate some of the greatest artists throughout history.

But how well does it work? In order to put that to the test I took my original photograph and turned it in to works of art.

Check out the following and see what you make of them.

Can you guess who they are supposed to be? You’ll need to zoom in to get a good look. (The clue is probably in the signature.) 🙂

. quirky artists SELECTION.

I did need to do some added tweaking to them after the effect was applied, particularly with the Van Gogh version, but all in all, given the limited tweaks I had to do (and the plug-ins give you a ton of options when creating them) I reckon Topaz Labs did a pretty fine job of replicating the greats of art.


*Ok, they’re not all impressionists but hey, what’s a bit of inaccuracy for a catchy title.


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