“The impossible could not have happened, therefore the impossible must be possible in spite of appearances.”
― Agatha Christie, Murder on the Orient Express


The curtain opens…




Inspector Cat McKitten,

is on the job,

destined to investigate,

a murder most foul…

[audible gasps from the audience]


The victim is,

a certain Mr Philias Switchmoat,

the third,

[the audience cheers and groans]

an impossible man,

whose recumbent adventures,

he felt the need to tell,

in a notorious novel

which exposed the failings of others,

and of himself…

his demise is not a surprise.


Shock and Awe


However it was under suspicious circumstances…


“The truth, however ugly in itself, is always curious and beautiful to seekers after it.”
― Agatha Christie, The Murder of Roger Ackroyd


There were many bodies swimming in the suspect pool,

pretty much everyone wanted him dead,

[the audience nods so loudly it causes an earthquake]



swam at the shallow end,

unwilling to do what they wanted to do.


were in the deep end,


“One of us in this very room is in fact the murderer.”
― Agatha Christie, And Then There Were None


Did Mr. Green,

suffocate him,

in the bar,

with secondhand smoke?


Clue - Mr Green in the Bar


Did Mrs. Peacock

swish her fan,

causing a sudden whirlwind,

which sent him flying,

down the hallway stairs,

head over heels,

and heels over head,

until head cracked?


Clue - Mrs Peacock in the Hallway


Did Miss Scarlet,

kill him with her brain,

bludgeoning him with facts,

in the library?


Clue - Miss Scarlet in the Library


“They tried to be too clever—and that was their undoing.”
― Agatha Christie, The Mysterious Affair at Styles



You decide!


*R is for Retro

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