That Wonderland Feeling

Caterpillar Wonderland


`Are you content now?’ said the Caterpillar.

– Lewis Carroll


It was a blustery day,

I was hot and sweaty,

grimy from gardening,

nothing W is for Wonderland about that,

or the feeling of still having so much to do,

even though I’d had enough.


Then I saw it,

a bright splash of colour in a sea of green,

sailing the waves of wind as they tossed the branch it was on up and down.

I moved in closer,

all else forgotten,

eyes full of wonder,

as I watched the caterpillar weathering the storm of life.


“Aren’t you dizzy, Caterpillar?”


Caterpillar Wonderland 2


“I am content,” it replied,

“What about you?”


`You’ll get used to it in time,’ said the Caterpillar; and it put the hookah into its mouth and began smoking again.

– Lewis Carroll


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