Rabbit in a Tree

Tree Rabbit


“Our perceptions are fallible. We sometimes see what isn’t there. We are prey to optical illusions. Occasionally we hallucinate. We are error-prone.”
― Carl Sagan


Yesterday I spotted a rabbit,

sitting in a tree.


I was as surprised to see such a sight,

as you are doubtful that I saw it.


I am not as stupid as I sometimes seem.


“There is an optical illusion about every person we meet.”
― Ralph Waldo Emerson


I knew no one would believe me,

so I quickly gathered evidence,

in the shape of a photograph (above).


Of course you can’t believe your eyes,

especially not on the internet,

not with that thing known as photoshopping,

available to so many pranksters and hoaxers.


This is not a prank or a hoax,

or photoshop being used that way,

it is what it is…

that is not a rabbit…

(it’s just a wood pigeon pretending to be a rabbit)

this is a rabbit (below)




But for a moment,

my mind,

enjoyed an optical illusion.


“Beauty is a question of optics. All sight is illusion.”
― Joyce Carol Oates


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