Objectivity – The Next Photo Challenge

HAVING A BUD effects


“Visible things can be invisible. However, our powers of thought grasp both the visible and the invisible – and I make use of painting to render thoughts visible.”
― René Magritte


Stephen and I are house hunting at the moment, but we’re not looking for a house we’re in search of a home, a place which embraces us, which will allow us to be ourselves, a space which will encourage us to expand our creativity, and collect more things for our projects.

We recently came across a house which just so happens to be near a reclamation yard, we have yet to visit this place but in our imagination we’ve already moved in and are filling its space will all the intriguing treasures we’re certain to find and want to use as props for our work and play.


PROP - agenda


“We are surrounded by curtains. We only perceive the world behind a curtain of semblance. At the same time, an object needs to be covered in order to be recognized at all.”
― René Magritte


Home is a concept which we hold in our minds and hearts, and which we apply to an object, a building, a place.

We often start with a blank canvas when we move into a new place, and we gradually fill the canvas with images, colours, designs, which reflect us, who we are, what we feel, think, imagine.

We bring objects into the space, and with those objects we create a home, a safe place to store all the things which we gather as we roll like a stone down the hill of life.

Some things have deep meaning for us, they are mementos, icons, imbued with power and stories by us. Some things are just objects of necessity, of practical use, making life easier or more comfortable.




“The mind loves the unknown. It loves images whose meaning is unknown, since the meaning of the mind itself is unknown.”
― René Magritte


Over the next few weeks,

Stephen and I will pick 20 objects found in our present home,

some ordinary, others a bit more unusual,

and we’ll both create an image using them.

We’ll feature each object in a post before we use it.

Please feel free to join in,

and share your own creations, vision and inspiration.


 Here’s a sneak preview of the first object.


Through the Spy Glass


Hint: It’s the magnifying glass


24 thoughts on “Objectivity – The Next Photo Challenge

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