The Owl



“Perhaps he does not want to be friends with you until he knows what you are like. With owls, it is never easy-come-easy-go.”

– T.H. White


The owl,

is often used by humans as a symbol representative of wisdom.


What is wisdom?


Is it going to bed early,

and rising early,

to makes ourselves healthy, wealthy and wise.


But owls don’t do that,

their hours of activity tend to occur when we’re supposed to be sleeping to wisen ourselves up.


For people known as Night Owls,

the hours of the owl,

are those when they have their best ideas,

are most productive,

which may lead to being wealthy,

therefore it is wise for them to do what is healthy for them.


Wisdom is most commonly acquired by humans from experience.

Particularly from bad experiences, as we remember those deeply and don’t want to repeat them.

Fool me once, shame on you,

Fool me twice, shame on me…

What happens if you get fooled thrice?


We are often advised by those who consider themselves wise,

to be honest, kind, and polite,

however there are those who view that behaviour as being a sign of stupidity,

and in their cupidity,

they take advantage of our trust that they will treat us with respect,

and the results of that experience may make us less trusting,

of others, and of the wisdom of being honest, kind, and polite.


I still prefer the honest and trusting approach,

even though experience has taught me that it sometimes makes a fool out of me.


There are those who consider the Fool to be a symbol of wisdom too.


Life is a puzzle,

which we solve by living it,

learning from it,

gaining wisdom gradually.

Like an owl who hunts the same territory,

sometimes it catches what it is seeking, sometimes it doesn’t and must try again,

it never gives up,

it takes risks, may injure itself as it swoops down, homing in on its prey,

but it never seems to falter in its quest,

it trusts itself.


Barn Owl in Flight


The third object in our Objectivity challenge is,

an owl,

not an actual owl as they are not objects,

but a figurine of an owl, a map marker, which came with a, perhaps unwise, purchase spurred by passion,

for the game, and puzzle, which often reflected life, and the perils and pleasures of living it,

known as Dragon Age Inquisition.


“Do you want to know a secret? That moment, I keep, because even now, I don’t know what ending serves best. But being able to choose, That is the truth of this story. The rest, it changes with the audience. All things change… when they find purpose.”

– Leliana’s Song


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